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Job Type: Venetian Polished Plastering

Building Type: Terraced House (3 Bedrooms)

Job Description: Apply venetian plaster to living room walls


Customer Feedback:

Excellent job looks superb. Friendly, turned up on time each day, work completed quickly. no mess left behind and a good price. 4 stars.


Sandra, Cheshire

Job Type: Traditional Plastering

Building Type: Terraced House (3 Bedrooms)

Job Description: Plaster, paint and decorate house


Customer Feedback:

Job done. Living room/dining room/bedrooms/hallway - all plastered and painted. Also additional jobs eg. skirting, door hanging, shelving etc. They sourced all the materials and billed me once the job was complete. Highly recommended.


Richard Bell, Ellesmere Port, Cheshire









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Job Type: Painting & Decorating

Building Type: Flat/Apartment (1 Bedroom)

Job Description: Paint and decorate inside and outside of flat


Customer Feedback:

Painted entire flat, sealed, filled gaps, repaired broken artex, boxed in electricals. Carpeted cupboard. Pretty much did everything that needed doing. A*


Helen Tasker, Little Sutton

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